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Global cable map

Global cable map

MCI Cables  - PDF


DR Planning

ISDN Information Section

SMB Help



TerminalSrv Keys



FTP Protocols - PDF

Spanning Tree - PDF




OSI Reference - PDF

OSI Reference - PDF


AT&T Circuits - PDF

Assigned Country Codes - PDF


Electricity - PDF

Controlling Electricity - PDF

Linux Admin Reference - PDF

BGP Guide

Electrical Plugs - JPEG



MySpace.com - Infrastructure



RFC 3164 - PDF

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Global submarine cable map - 2004 (GIF)

Global submarine cable map - 2009 (GIF)

Under sea global cables - MCI


Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

ISDN - Troubleshooting, Codes, Layers

SMB protocol, commands, & reference - Windows help

Server Message Block (SMB), file sharing protocol - Word

WINS documentation - web page

Terminal Server - Shortcut keys

TCPDUMP documentation - web page


Secure FTP Comparison (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP)

Spanning Tree - Finite state machine

SMTP email send protocol sequence diagram


CoBIT 4.0 (Control Objectives) for TI

OSI Network Layers - PDF Reference Table (W&G)

OSI Network Layers - PDF Poster (40x28) (RAD)

HTTP Packet - PDF Poster (19x13)

AT&T Circuit Prefix Table - PDF

ITU-T Country codes E.164


Basic Electricity Guide

Controlling Electricity Guide

Linux Quick Reference card

BGP FAQ - Implementation guide - web page

Electrical inlet / outlet NEMA & IEC

Word-to-letter w pronunciation table


Inside MySpace.com - Baseline article



RFC3164 BSD syslog Protocol - UDP 514

NIST Guide 800-92 - Computer Security Log Management





The difference between a routING protocol and a routED protocol

Examples of a RoutING protocols include Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), and BGP. These are protocols tha
t distribute routing information tables, throughout all routers, on a network. Each Router knows about the networks that other connected routers have, each router can determine the best path to take to deliver traffic.

RoutED protocols ar
e protocols that can be sent over a routed network. With Internet Protocol (IP) being the most common protocol in use on the Internet and in local networks, we don't often think about routed vs unrouted protocols - IP is a
routed protocol. Meaning, IP is designed to be routed over and through different networks. An unroutable protocol would be NETBIOS. It works on a small local network.




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