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Programming / Development

Java Glossary - PDF

Java JCE

Java Samples





VB.NET Advisor - PDF

VB.NET State - PDF


Web Services - PDF


Color Chart (HTML)

Meta redirect tag



Microsoft AD PDF 1

Microsoft AD PDF 2

VBS Reference (.doc)

VBScript AD

VBScript ExcelPivot


Development Demos

.NET and Java Demos

Under Development



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SUN's Glossary of Java and Related Terms

Basics of Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)

Java code samples

Java decompiler - Mocha

Java decompiler - DJ


Building & Testing Regular Expressions - Windows .NET

Event Driven Programming & Postback - VB.NET

ViewState (State Management) - VB.NET

Simple VB.NET Calculator (requires MS Framework)

Terra Server - Web Services White Paper


HTML Chart listing Hexadecimal color RGB values

HTML page redirect information

Browser Cookie utility


Using VB Scripts to search Active Directory (AD) 1

Using VB Scripts to search Active Directory (AD) 2

VB Script Reference sheet (8x14)

VB Script Active Directory Example

VB Script Pivot Tables Example


VMTS - Vehicle Mileage Tracking System DEMO

eMed - Claim system - Demo




10  Common Web Application Security Vulnerabilities




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