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Miscellaneous Tools


Time and units converter

Maritime Java Scripts

Moon Phases Java Script

Elements Java Script


Decimal to Hex Table

vi Editor Commands

PIne COmposer Commands


BIN Text Tool

Primo32 PDF writer

WordWeb Lookup

Image Viewer/Editor




Resource Hacker

Graphical Zip/UnZip

TDImon I/O activity

Caller-ID logging



EchoStar Finder


Text / Hex Editors

Text Editor

Text Editor

EDXOR Editor

FrHEd Editor


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GUI displays mouse Windows coordinates

Breitling world time, currency, time, and units converter

Nautical calculators - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Lunar Calendar - Date & Time of Phases

Periodic Table of the Elements


HTML Table converting Decimal to Hexadecimal

UNIX vi Editor command list

UNIX Pico ASCII text editor; command list - PDF


Text scanning tool with multiple filters

Virtual PDF Printer - Freeware

WordWeb English Thesaurus/Dictionary - Freeware

FastStone Image Viewer - Freeware


End NOTES email client


View/Add/Modify compiled/decompiled Win32 resource files

Open source Zip/UnZip Win9x/NT/2K (Info-ZIP)

Transport Driver Interface - TCP/UDP activity in OS kernel

Audio Caller-ID program with email / logging functions


Satellite Finder - Positions by State/City/zip

Dish Network - EchoStar Satellite Finder - by Zip


Text editor (TextPad v4.5) - Shareware

NotePad++ - Freeware

Text & binary editor/File tools/Encryption

Free Hex Editor (GNU)









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