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Workstation Administration

NT RAS Client Setup PDF

W2K and Windows NT


Win9x DUN Errors

Win9x PPP Log

ISA/RAS Parser

Win2K PPP Log enabling

Win2K PPTP VPN Filters - PDF


ProductID - PDF

ProductKey Decodes


DNS Cache Issue - PDF

Intel Chipset ID Utility

Intel CPU ID Utility



Windows 2000 TimeSrv

NT Time Server


Win Fingerprint

NSIS Utility


Title Bar PDF


Win9x TCP Registry PDF

Orig .reg New .reg

PDF New .reg






Novell TCP/IP

Novell NDS Tool

rawWrite (Windows)

Log Explorer






XP Re-boot problem

USB Storage

Label Printing


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NT RAS Server / Dial Client setup

TCP/IP & NBT Configuration Parms - Q120642 MSKB


Windows 9x DialUp Networking (DUN) Errors

Microsoft - Interpret the PPPlog.txt file

Command line parser tool - Windows RAS PPTP logs

Microsoft - Enabling PPP logging - Windows 2000

Microsoft - PPTP Security filters - Windows 2000


Windows ProductID Key Location - Registry - PDF

Microsoft ProductID Key decodes - VBScripts


Windows XP / 2K DNS Cache Client Issue - PDF

Intel's Chipset Identification Utility

Intel's Processor Identification utility

Microsoft Windows NT Diagnostic Rpt - WINMSD - PDF


HTML Page documenting Windows 2000 Time Services

Windows NT 4.0 TimeServ Program - Resource Kit files


Determines Win32 OS host config using SMB Query

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - Windows Install Tool


Windows IE Title bar customization - registry


TCP/IP Registry Entries - Q158474 MSKB

MS Term Serv - IP listening port registry - Q187623 MSKB

MS Windows TCP receive window size registry adjustment


GUI SID editor tool - updates registry

Command line SID query tool - by user or computer

Command line function to display accounts by SID or SID by account


Novell NetWare - TCP/IP Admin Guide - PDF

Novell NDS Snoop utility

RawWrite tool - create boot disks/floppy disk images

Event Log dump tool (evt) files - freeware

Windows Directory Statistics - freeware


XP Power Tool - Command Here

XP Power Tool - HTML Slide Show


Windows XP OS reboot issue after change (Procedure)

Blocking USB Storage access (Procedure)

Printing Labels from Excel - Mail Merge (Procedure)








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