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Cisco Switching & Routing

TFTP32 Server(*)

TFTP Server - Cisco


SYSLOG (NT/2K service)

SYSLOG Msg Generator

Configuration Register PDF

Cisco ROMMON Guide PDF

Cisco "direct Telnet" PDF


Cisco Router Security PDF


Cisco Port Security PDF

Cisco Port Security PDF


Cisco IOS Errors PDF

Cisco 3750 Switch PDF

Cisco Core Dumps PDF

Cisco DRAM/Flash PDF

Cisco NTP Overview

Access List Editor Program

RTP Router Tool PDF


Multicast Overview PDF

Multicast Configuration PDF

Multicast IGMP Snooping PDF

Multicast Troubleshooting PDF

Multicast Tools PDF

Multicast Commands PDF


Config BGP PDF

Open Shortest Path First PDF

OSPF redistribution BGP PDF


Service Policies 1 PDF

Service Policies 2 PDF

Cisco Queue Types PDF

Policy-based routing

Redistribution routing


Gatekeepers PDF

Gatekeeper Lab

Tcl IVR Programming PDF

Configuring IVR PDF


VoIP Dial-Peers PDF

VoIP Dial-Peers IOS PDF


DSP Testing PDF

VoIP Modem PDF


Router-Modem Guide

Cisco FR PDF

Layer-1 T1 Troubleshooting

SerialLine Troubleshooting PDF

Cisco Management/Logging

Cisco Console/AUX cable



Password Recovery

CiscoPasswordRecovery PDF

Cisco PIX upgrade PDF

Break Key Sequence

Crack "C" routine

PIX  PW Utility PDF

Binary recovery modules

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  Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server/client - freeware

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Serv. 9x/NT


SYSLOG Freeware - Kiwi (runs as a service)

SYSLOG Message Generator

Cisco router software configuration register (16 bit)

Using Cisco's ROM monitor (Bootstrap program)

Reverse Telnet session into Modem (2000+n)


Improving Cisco Router Security


Switch Port Security - IOS

Switch Port Security - CATOS


Cisco System Error Messages - Code Descriptions

Cisco 3750 Stack Switch Upgrade

Creating Cisco Router Core Dumps

Cisco 2600 Router Memory Types / Parts

Cisco NTP Overview - Network Time Protocol

Java runtime Access List Editor - Mentor Technologies

Cisco - Response Time Reporter (RTP)


Internet Protocol (IP) Multicast - Technology Overview

Cisco − Multicast Quick−Start Configuration Guide

Cisco − Multicast: CGMP and IGMP Snooping

Cisco − IP Multicast Troubleshooting Guide

Cisco − Basic Multicast Troubleshooting Tools

Cisco - Multicast Commands


Cisco - BGP Configuring Guide

Cisco - OSPF Design Guide

Cisco - redistribution OSPF routes (BGP)


Cisco - Service Policy - Bandwidth/Priority

Cisco - Service Policy - QoS/DSCP values

Cisco Queuing

Cisco - Route Maps (w links)

Cisco - Redistribution Routing Protocols (w link)


Cisco - H323 Gatekeepers

Cisco Gatekeeper Lab (IOS examples)

Cisco - Tcl IVR (Ver 2) Programming Guide

Cisco - Configuring Interactive Voice Response

Cisco - VoIP with IVR (Overview)

Cisco - VoIP Dial Peer Configuration

Cisco - VoIP Dial Peers IOS

Cisco - DSP Codec Complexity

Cisco - DSP Troubleshooting

Cisco - VoIP (Modem Transport Support)


Cisco Router-Modem Connection Guide - Async / AUX ports

Cisco - FrameRelay Enhancements

Cisco T1 Layer-1 Troubleshooting Guide

Cisco Serial Line Troubleshooting - Extended Ping

PDF File with generic SNMP / NTP / SYSLOG commands

Console/AUX router port & RJ45 cable pins


Recover Cisco passwords / Clear NVRAM

Cisco Password Recovery Procedures - index

Cisco PIX software upgrade information

Cisco's Terminal Emulation Break Key Sequence (^$B)

Crack Cisco "encrypted" passwords

Cisco PIX Password Recovery - guide

TFTP "npxx.bin" modules



Use the hw-module module <module_num> password-reset command

from the Cisco ASA CLI.

For the AIP module, this command sets the configuration register in ROMMON to cause a boot of the password reset image and then power cycles the module.

For the CSC module, this command sends the session 1 do reset-password command to the module.

ciscoasa(config)#hw-module module 1 password-reset
Reset the password on module in slot 1? [confirm]
Re-generate the rsa key for SSH on a Cisco PIX:
ca zero rsa
ca generate rsa key 1024
ca save all

write mem





Cisco TAC Support: 1 800 553-2447




To determine Cisco router modules:

router# sh diag | inc IC|NM-|Serial|FRU


 ('ctrl + shift + 6 + x' to abort)

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